Personal Property

A unique feature to American Ad Valorem’s personal property department is our commitment to first making detailed appraisals of our client’s business personal property utilizing the income, market and cost approach weighted appropriately to reach a taxable fair market value estimate.

We don’t simply push forward prior year numbers or take a wait and see attitude with tax assessors. We take the time and put in the effort to appraise every account at its fair market value before we render the property.

And, since we do this upfront, any appraisal notice that comes in over our rendered value is automatically appealed. Furthermore, since we have already prepared all the material to support our conclusion of value in advance, we have had great success sustaining our rendered value at the appeals board. In fact, those jurisdictions that we frequently work with have learned that our value estimate is solid and trustworthy. More often than not the tax appraisers are accepting our rendered values. Thus we know earlier in the year what your final value will be and are able to communicate tax estimates to you sooner.

Wholesale, Distribution and Retail - We work for many common retail businesses found in commercial strip centers to regional shopping malls as well as major fast food franchises and company stores such as McDonald’s, Jason’s Deli and more. We represent one of the nation’s largest liquor distribution company with vast locations and truck fleets.

Medical Equipment and Out Patient Providers – We represent Doctors, Dentists, Radiology and Imaging providers, Clinics & Labs with the challenging valuation issues of their unique equipment and capital lease arrangements for medical machines.


Real PropertyResidential, Commercial, Vacation, Master Planned Projects, Farm, Ranch, Recreational and Wildlife Management Lands

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Industrial PropertyManufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pipelines, Utilities, Marine Services and other Complex Property

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